I always judge a book by its cover, I know they say don’t but I do. It’s the first thing I see. When I roam amazon for the next book to read, I start by looking at the covers to see which one interests me, then I read the blurb before I make my final decision, but the cover is what draws me in.

Even in a bookstore, our eyes see all the covers but a cover done well, will make you reach for it and turn it around to see what it’s about. But the cover is always a good indication to what the story is about. I am a reviewer so I have read lots of books with bad covers; I didn’t see the covers as I was sent a request in that case I read the blurb first. After I would have read the book I would rate it on goodreads, more times than I can count I was shocked at the uninteresting or DIY cover that was there as representation to such an outstanding story. Then I would look at the ratings and see something silly like seven or so. I often wrote to the authors explaining, as a reader I would never have bothered to read the synopsis never mind the book if I was going by the book cover. It was vital for them to change it, because the story was so amazing. I would feel very strongly on the subject of book covers.


I own a site called www.ultimatefantasybooks.com and every year I run a competition for the Best Book Cover, that’s how important it is to me. As the organiser I get to take a good look at all the covers so far there are three that I purchased from Amazon because the covers where that amazing.

The competition starts the 1st of March voting is open to public so by all means come along and Judge a book by its cover.


About The Rise of the Queen

The Rise of the Queen
By Aoife Marie Sheridan
Publication Date: January 24, 2016
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance



The final Instalment of the Saskia Trilogy.

Sarajane struggles with her separation from Tristan as she moves towards the heart of Saskia to defeat Lucian. But her journey isn’t easy. She encounters The Forsaken, zombies and fights to recover her true form. But with Marcus beside her and the help of Willow she makes her journey to her final destination but nothing is as it seems.

Verona and Mirium try to understand why their visions are gone, what Prudentia is up to? and find Sarajane. All the while Tristan and Verona are at war with each other, and politics makes each decision difficult with Morrick.

Loved one’s will be lost, Decisions will be final, and all betrayals will rise to the surface.

Step into Saskia for the last time.


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17853229-the-rise-of-the-queen



About the Author:

Aoife Marie Sheridan has loved reading from a very young age, starting off with mills and boon books given to by her grandmother. Her love for romances grew, by the age of 14 she had read hundreds of them.

Aoife has a passion for writing poetry or in her eyes her journal entries. It was something she did throughout her teens and into her twenties. Aoife won first place for two of her poems and had them published at a young age of just nineteen.

Aoife’s first book Eden Forest (Part one of the Saskia Trilogy) took first place with Writers Got Talent 2013. Aoife continues to write tales of fantasy and romance.


To find out more about Aoife Marie Sheridan you can visit her at:

Amazon Page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00B5W8SK6

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Aoifemariesheri

Website: www.aoifemariesheridan.com

or email her at aoifesheridan101@gmail.com

Blog: aoifesheri.wordpress.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aoifesheri

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/aoifesheri/



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