Help Thomas Brittendahl, winner of SolaFide Publishing’s So You Want to be Published 2015 Contest, choose the cover of his award winning book!

An Evil
by Thomas Brittendahl

Publisher: SolaFide Publishing
Publishing Date: 2016 TBD
Genre: Paranormal


Why do bad things happen to good people?
Everything he owned . . . gone . . .
Everyone he loved . . . dead . . .
There is something after him . . . an evil . . .

About the Author

I am currently polishing two of my five completed novels as well as a short story of about 25,000 words.  My writing has thus far focused on science fiction and horror, but include elements of other genres.  I never stop writing, and have the framework established for several other novels.  I graduated magna cum laude from San Jose State University, majoring in History and minoring in Philosophy, receiving both university and department honors, and currently teach high school in San Jose, Ca.



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