Throne of Lies (Amethysta Trilogy #1)
by Sara Secora
Publication Date
: Release Date: August 2016
Genre: YA Fantasy


As a seventeen-year-old ruler chafing under the obligations of her bloodline, Princess Amethysta Serelle finds the royal life anything but enchanting.

Betrothed to a nefarious highborn, Amethysta’s heart mourns her lost chance at love—that is, until she becomes mesmerized by someone other than her suitor, and her heart begins to beat anew.

Desperate to keep her daughter on the path toward duty and the throne, the queen keeps a deadly secret. But as Amethysta balances the burden of expectations and freedom, the glowing, blue truth will not stay hidden for much longer.

Desire and duty battle on, further complicated by strange occurrences happening to Amethysta’s body. She struggles for control as her once unquestioned reality is obliterated.

Will she discover the truth, in her heart and hands, before it’s too late?



I, Amethysta Serelle, was the final member of the royal family and the sole heir of Northwind. I attempted to defy my destiny at each turn, desperate to break free from my royal bonds. Although I knew it to be futile, I thrashed against them; I believed that doing so was the one thing that kept my sanity intact. All I’d ever wanted was to choose my own path in life instead of just fulfilling a role that had been planned for me since before my birth. Couldn’t my father see I was unfit for the burden of the crown? I couldn’t be the only one to see it—after this morning, I was sure that everyone I’d passed on my way to breakfast agreed with me.

Picking up my spoon, I scooped up some melons and berries and took a bite. But the sweetness of the fruit was nullified by my sour mood. Each day felt more daunting and more overshadowed by thoughts of the future. Being conditioned to become what I’d never wanted to be, while being obligated to leave behind my dreams and bequeathed the crown—that was all that awaited me.

The life of a princess wasn’t what fairytales make it out to be: it was far less glamourous. The reality was that I spent my days locked away inside my cramped tower, under guard wherever I might go. I was not allowed basic things such as friendship. I truly felt more like a prisoner than a royal. The salt in the wound was that each day was painfully similar to the last; the repetition was enough to drive anyone to brink of insanity. See, being royal required one to cast aside all of their pesky dreams, along with their freedom—to dedicate their lives to their duty and to the people without a second thought. For some reason or another, I just couldn’t find my footing within this life. I’d always felt out of place, like I simply didn’t belong.


Q&A with the Author

1)      Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Of course! My name is Sara Secora, and I’m a twenty-six-year-old woman from Detroit, Michigan. I’m what you might classify as a nerdy introvert. I have a deep love for video games, collecting figures, playing D&D—you name it. I’ve always enjoyed the simpler things in life, but then there’s another part of me that strives to reach big dreams—such as being a voice actress, YouTube content creator, and now a published author. I am a wearer of many hats and a jack of all trades.

2)      Where and when did your writing journey begin?

Throne of Lies began in 2007, when I was just seventeen. I always enjoyed writing, but I indulged in it in much smaller ways by writing poetry, short stories, and things of that nature.

3)      Who are your favorite authors and how have they influenced your writing?

I’d say some of my biggest inspirations are Lewis Carroll, Kim Harrison, J.K. Rowling, and Neil Gaiman.

Carroll because Alice in Wonderland has always been close to my heart. I love his whimsical style of writing and his incredible imagination. It’s really hard for me to compare anyone to him since he’s so profoundly unique. I loved Alice so much that I got her tattooed on my arm!

Harrison because I fell in love with her Hollow’s series. Her brave choice of first-person perspective really opened up intimacy between Rachel, the main character of the series, and the reader. Her story made me shift my own story to first-person.

Rowling because of her success story. Seeing her rise to the very top after such struggle is motivational for me and keeps my head up even while facing rejection.

Lastly, Gaiman. He is a legend and I look up to him as such. He wrote Stardust which I am absolutely obsessed with!

4)      What does a typical day in your life look like? And how does your writing routine fit into your day?

My life involves a lot of work and play. I spend my days working on my various projects and jobs, and then my night is filled with gaming and friends. That’s my perfect balance. I find it is easiest to write when I have the right mindset, focus, and atmosphere. I will put on some classical music or instrumental tracks—avoiding anything with lyrics. Then, I grab my laptop and get to writing.

5)      How did you come up with the idea for your novel?

Throne of Lies has changed dramatically over the years. So much, in fact, that the entire plot shifted in a really unexpected way as I wrote it over nine years. It all started with the idea of a young princess who didn’t feel like she belonged. She has special powers she didn’t understand, and her heart was being torn by the politics of royalty. I knew who I wanted the story to be based around and a general idea of how I wanted to go about it. It took a lot of time to connect all the dots seamlessly.

6)      What do you think sets your novel apart from others current on the shelves?

I really went the extra mile to ensure my self-published novel would be able to compete with the highly competitive market that is the book industry. I cut no corners. What makes my book special? I believe is it’s my heart being spilled out onto those pages.

7)      Which character in your book is your favorite and how much of yourself is reflected in that character?

The obvious answer is Amethysta, the main character of the series. She’s the narrator and the reason the story exists. Those who know me see a lot of similarities between Amethysta and myself. If you do pick up the book, I recommend reading the acknowledgements afterward. That may shed a light on just how similar we are.

8)      Which scenes in your book did you have the most fun writing?

The heartbreaking and action-packed scenes! I really enjoy the turning points of the story, those moments where you just can’t stop turning the page because you have to know what comes next.

9)      What do you hope for your readers to take away after reading your book?

Amethysta is on a self-discovering journey, and I hoped that maybe younger readers might be able to relate to that as they go through their own journey.

10)  What are your hopes for this novel?

That I will successfully establish myself as an author and get readers pumped about the remaining books in the Amethysta Trilogy.

11)  What do you have in store next for your readers?

I will be writing book two and three of the Amethysta trilogy! I also hope to start another series that I am just itching to write more about.


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About the Author

Sara Secora has a passion for all things gamer and nerdy, as evidenced on her YouTube channel, AviGaming. She is also a well-branded voice over artist.

Secora has always been in love with writing, and nearly a decade ago, she finally turned her talents to the arduous endeavor of authoring an exciting fantasy trilogy. Her whimsical stories are full of enchantment, mystique, and insight—destined to intrigue readers of any age.

Secora lives in Detroit, Michigan, where she continues to explore old and new avenues for her talent and hard work.

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