The Touched
by Jennifer Weiser

Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: September 29th 2015
Genres: Dystopia, Paranormal, Young Adult


The first sixteen years of Arabella Penthallow’s life have been a lie…
In a world where deception is the key to survival, Ara has kept up the charade of being a perfect Legion Leader’s daughter. But a darkness stirs, and she discovers she is Touched, a mortal gifted by the Gods. The Touched are as rare as they are feared, and Ara is forced to leave Union City for neighboring Midnight City to protect herself and those she loves, leaving Tove Thorn, the boy who has always known her heart, behind.

Carter Decker has vowed to burn Union City to the ground…

Midnight City’s cocky, infamous bad boy always gets what he wants, and he wants Union City to pay for burning his mother alive because she was Touched. When Carter meets Ara, she is everything he’s been taught to hate. Then he learns she is Touched—just like him—he isn’t sure who he hates more…the Touched girl whose father killed his mother, or himself for being tempted by someone he’s sworn to kill.

They are told they’re fated to be soul mates…and they each wish the other never existed.

When Midnight City is attacked by Union City, Carter and Arabella will do the unthinkable…even if it means falling for the enemy. The truth lies in Arabella’s home nation, and Tove is waiting. Soul mates or not, he has an advantage Carter doesn’t, fated souls be damned.

War is coming…and Ara is the prize.

Interview with the Author

1) Where and when did your writing journey begin?

I’ve always found myself writing even at a young age. Writing short stories and books was always a little bit of a fun hobby of mine that quickly became a passion I was obsessed with. After the birth of my daughter, I found myself writing small little stories about our daily adventures, that quickly spun into a book. After that, I wanted to write something a bit more in-depth and found myself writing the manuscript of The Touched.

2) Who are your favorite authors and how have they influenced your writing?

Kiera Cass, Wendy Higgins, Victoria Scott and Sarah Maas are my top favorite authors. I can read anything by them and become simply lost in the worlds they create. I’ve always deeply admired their work and the passion behind their books. It’s what drives me to want to create better. To write more and to discover characters that will connect with my readers as theirs have connected with me. It’s become my dream to one day inspire someone just as passionately as they have inspired me.

3) What does a typical day in your life look like? And how does your writing routine fit into your day?

A typical day with a five year old princess can be a bit tricky. As much as I would love a routine, our days hardly contain one. They consist of me getting her to school on time and to her gymnastics practice afterwards. I write in the hours that I’m not busy running the roads with errands and daily tasks, or at night when the house falls silent in slumber. Some days, I write with flourish. Other days, I’m slacking in the word department or fighting characters that don’t feel like talking that day. Truly, each day I never know whats in store or if my characters will feel like helping me out. None the less, I love every minute of it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

4) How did you come up with the idea for your novel?

The Touched actually was a story that developed after a very difficult time in the winter of 2012. Our family went through a bit of some rough waters and I found myself face to face with the voice of a young girl who was also struggling with a darkness that threatened to consume her. Her voice quickly became my own and The Touched took off after that.

5) What do you think sets your novel apart from others current on the shelves?

The Touched is a little bit of mythology, fairy tale lore and dystopian mixed all in one. It’s told their three character point of views to better tell of the world they live in and the struggles the most overcome to save one another.

6) Which character in your book is your favorite and how much of yourself is reflected in that character?

Lol, well, you didn’t hear it from me… *wink* but Carter is my favorite. I’m not such much of myself is reflected in him and I think that is why I adore him so much. He’s fun to write, witty, sarcastic and charms his way out of everything. A true lady killer, Carter tends offer a good show of pretending that he is carefree, yet the weight of the world sometimes rests on his shoulders. He’s more sensitive then he leads on, protects and loves fiercely.

7) Which scenes in your book did you have the most fun writing?

Carter and Ara have a rough start in The Touched. Both can’t stand one another, but yet, feel this connection that they wish they didn’t. In order for them to deal with their loathing of one another as well as the confusion of their conflicting feelings, Carter and Ara banter back and forth. Their interactions were fun to write, because Arabella isn’t a girl who backs down from a fight and Carter is prepared to push her as hard as he can. Their fights had me smirking the whole time I wrote them.

8) What do you hope for your readers to take away after reading your book?

I genuinely hope that I’ve given them a different world to step into. One that they can find themselves escaping to again and again.

9) What are your hopes for this novel?

For someone to fall in love with my characters and their story as much as I have with other amazing YA reads out there.

10) What do you have in store next for your readers?

*Spoiler alert* The Touched ends on a cliff hanger. I wanted that in order for book two to open with a bang. Book two holds a lot of deception, betrayal and one’s fight to understand the power within. A fight to save humanity and the world lies within the hands of one.




About the Author

Jennifer Weiser is a young adult author who has always been a book nerd and a bit chocolate obsessed. Writing has always been a favorite escape, but quickly became a passion not long after the birth of her daughter. When she isn’t combing the shelves of her local book stores or blogging about newest book obsessions, you can find her nestled in her nook creating worlds she hopes that one day will inspire her daughter, who not only has given her the courage to follow her dreams–but offers the inspirations that help color their worlds together.


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