The Temple of Paris (The Quick Silver Legacy Series #2)
by Laura DeBruce

Publisher: Quicksilver Legacy Books
Publication Date: February 5th 2016
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Mystery


An adventure through Paris

American teenagers, Hana and Alex, travel to Paris on a mission to save the people they love. They have to decode an obscure message to find the only woman on earth who can help them. They soon discover unexpected allies — a quirky detective with a crystal dowser, and two young Italians studying in the City of Light. When a mysterious dwarf stalks Alex, and sinister characters from the past reappear, Hana questions the truth about their newfound friends.

The first lives Hana and Alex need to save may be their own.




Chapter Ten – Hana travels to the Pantheon in Paris to look for Alex.

I cross into another passageway full of crypts. Suddenly a little person pops in at the far end of the corridor. We’re the only two people in sight. At first I think he’s a child because he’s so small, but from the stubble on his chin and the way he stands, I can tell he’s a grown-up man. Plus, he’s dressed in a suit and a bow tie, distinctly un-childlike attire. He stares at me for a moment and then rapidly backs out of the corridor.

Am I seeing things? Was he really there, or is the creepiness of the place starting to spook me? I walk down the hall, trying not to look at the tombs. What if someone’s hiding in a dark corner, or trying to lift the heavy lid off the stone coffin? My heart starts to beat faster. I’m scared. I hear footsteps behind me. I walk faster. The footsteps quicken, and, as I’m about to break into a run, a hand reaches out and grabs my shoulder.


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About the Author


LAURA DEBRUCE worked in the television business in Prague where she fell in love with the city and its legends. She is a documentary filmmaker and writer who currently lives in Maryland. The Riddle of Prague is her first novel.

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  1. Thank you for featuring The Temple of Paris! The excerpt from the tombs in the Pantheon is one of my favorite scenes.

  2. It is our pleasure to introduce quality books to our readers!

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