The Real Estate of Things
by Nitin Deckha

Publisher: 2481134 Ontario Corporation
Publication Date: December 20, 2015
Genre: Literary Fiction

The Real Estate of Things is a comedic story about real estate, spirituality and politics in the sprawling, multicultural suburb of West York.

Fifty-­‐something Shaku Sehgal is looking for a new lease of life. With two grown kids and a supportive accountant husband who gardens, she’s followed her best friend, Neelam, into the exciting world of real estate. While she dreams of becoming the premier realtor of West York City, a position currently held by the much envied, Ruth Leslie, Shaku’s languishing at her current brokerage, SuperStar Realty.

To jumpstart her career, Shaku sneaks into a real estate conference and learns about a new redevelopment contest for a local derelict site. Part of the prize is to be an exclusive broker for the chosen new development. Shaku successfully pitches it to her brokerage, teams up with the young up-­‐and-­‐coming realtor, Jason Sevende, and they throw their hat into the contest.

Soon, Shaku and Jason find themselves competing against teams across the city, including Shaku’s friend, Neelam and the doyenne of luxury realty, Ruth Leslie. Not only that, the contest draws the attention of global spiritual guru, Chakra Sahib, and the ire of a seemingly anonymous movement protesting and threatening to derail the whole redevelopment.

Join Shaku, Jason and the band of realtors as they confront obstacles and reflect on the meanings of success, love and friendship in this epic race amongst realtors, The Real Estate of Things.


Guestpost by the Author

In a recent author interview, I was asked whether I had any writing goals for 2016. In my answer, I responded, “I am planning on writing at least one short story this summer.” To be honest, I had no real plans to write a short story days, weeks, perhaps even hours before I was asked this question. I had to say something, and I have published a collection of short stories, Shopping for Sabzi, a number of years ago, and I know that it is something I could do. However, although it has its merits and certainly is often repeated in the worlds of personal and professional development, I don’t tend to set writing goals before I begin writing a story or a novel. Rather, I begin with an idea.

I liken it to the difference between work as anticipatory, anxiety-driven, deadline-focused set of tasks to work as flow or as being ‘in the zone.’ I am in the zone or in flow when I’m facilitating learning for example, which is my ‘day job’, but also another passion in addition to writing. Moreover, until I get an idea for a writing project, I am not in the flow.

And then it happened. I was taking a walk, really a ramble through the damp and dank streets on a relatively mild, snow-free February morning. Others walk to walk their dog or to meet their weekly exercise quota. I especially like a walk, or a jog, if I am feeling ambitious, to declutter and order my thoughts, to ruminate and ponder of what’s been happening in my life at the moment, and yes, what I need to be doing with this or that initiative. So, I was taking this walk and it happened: an idea for short story popped into my head. Immediately, I began to experience a flow of characters, including a protagonist, comedic situations, various scenes, for I often begin with cinematic impulses. I felt a smile purse on my lips and more buoyant with my steps. This may have been due to a sense of vindication for the question about having any writing goals for 2016. However, I’d like to think it was more; that is, it was the flow of imagination, of plunging into other lives, of taking the jumble of ephemerae and minutiae that characterize our lives, beginning to find what I’ve called in another post, the Comedy of Everyday Life, and yes, planning to write about it. And, it was about finding yourself in the zone and the happiness that that brings.



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About the Author

Nitin Deckha is the author of a collection of short stories, Shopping for Sabzi (2008). His fiction has been published in magazines, edited collections, and chapbooks and he has read his work across Canada, the US and India. In 2010, he was featured as part of the Canadian Writers in Person lecture series at York University, Toronto. Nitin holds a PhD in Anthropology and has taught social sciences for over a decade. More recently, he completed certification in Adult Training and Development (MCATD, CTDP) and crafts and leads learning and organizational change. He lives in Toronto. Contact him at @RealEstateofThi

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