Title: The Five Warriors

Author: Angela J. Ford

Genre: YA Fantasy




What if…
your best friend started a rebellion in the middle of a war?
your lover awakened a deep evil and helped it grow?
your people were too cowardly to face a battle?
you stole an ancient power source?
you gambled with the fate of the world?
Join five powerful warriors each with a unique ability and magical weapons. Their quest is to discover where the transformed creatures are coming from and put a stop to it.
Along the way they run into treacherous immortals, sea monsters, powerful beasts of the air and talking animals.
Each has their own reasoning for joining the quest, but one carries a deadly secret which just might be the destruction of them all.




Starman stood at the shore of the great Dejewla Sea and stared at the enormity of the swaying body of liquid. The water shone like sapphires, beckoning him to crawl into its watery graves and swim and dive as if he were a child of aqua. Waves rippled across the surface but any animals that used to dwell near the Sea had long since disappeared. He could smell the richness of the soil as the plants close to the water stretched their roots deep, bloating themselves on saltless seawater.
Alaireia, on the other hand, had already dropped her pack of supplies and was loosening the black belt that carried her long sword. “It’s good we’re camping here for a time,” she was saying, sitting on a fallen log to unstrap her black boots as Starman continued to be captivated by the Sea. “I, for one, would like one last swim before we enter the desert. Swift claims it is a dry, barren place.”
“It smells like dead fish,” Starman said, wrinkling his nose.
“Starman?”Alaireia asked, standing barefoot on the shore. “Are you coming for a swim?”
“Oh.” Starman’s face turned red. “I…I…uh…”
Alaireia laughed as she waded into the water to see how it felt. “The water is fine!”
“Uh…” Starman turned to go, almost tripping over his feet. “I’ll go downstream with the others,” he stammered.
“Wait, Starman,”Alaireia called. He turned around, still blushing, but she stood knee high in the water, staring into it. “What did you say it smelt like?”
Starman opened his mouth to reply when something leaped out of the water, snatchingAlaireia and dragging her under. “Fish! Crinte!” Starman shouted all at once. “Help! The fish have Alaireia!” He drew his sword and ran to the waterside, but all was still again. Eyes like saucers, he ran back to the trees. “Crinte! Marklus! Swift! Hurry!” he yelled.
He ran back to the Sea only to shout and leap back in surprise as a monster surged out of the water, its long, brown-spotted tentacles waving in every direction. Along the length of eachtentacle suction holes moved in and out as if the creature were breathing in air and water at the same time. Its round head had barely emergedbut it was the center of the tentacles with two, horrifyingly large, ink black eyes. Starman could see a mirror black image of himself drowning in the sticky elixir of those eyes and immediately leaned over to vomit in a bush. As he wiped his mouth on the back on his hand he saw Alaireia, wrapped in one of the sucking tentacles. It was one of the most beautiful and terrifying sights he had ever seen as she rose with the creature, streaming with now muddied water. Her black hair hung long and her shoulders were bare as she gripped the tentacle in both arms, her face a mass of concentrated fury as she struggled for release.
“Alaireia!” Starman yelled, dashing into the water with his sword raised. A tentacle reached out for him and he slashed at it, ripping it open and causing black blood to leak out. Starman almost gagged as the stench of decaying fish overwhelmed him in the water. Despite it he moved closer to the great creature. It towered above him, lifting Alaireia higher into the air. Starman slashed at the next tentacle that tried to capture him, but ultimately failed as one wrapped its slimy length around him and hugged his body uncomfortably close. Still waving his sword, he proceeded to chop at the thick length that held him, but the creature was unforgiving. It reared its head even further out of the water, displaying a wide gaping mouth. It opened it and roared. 


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Interview with the Author


1) Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I grew up with four sisters, we all were homeschooled, and once school was over we’d spend sunny days chasing our imaginations outside. Rainy days we spent holed up inside with stacks of books, we created worlds out of paper and scissors and turned our dolls into heroes and villains. My parents encouraged reading and writing which, naturally, turned into my favorite pastime. Once I graduated from high school I moved to Nashville, TN to study Music Business. Currently I’m a self-employed Digital Marketing Strategist which gives me time to work on my two favorite things, marketing and writing fantasy novels!

2) Where and when did your writing journey begin?

My writing journey began when I was about 12 years old. I’d been writing and journaling daily, but suddenly stories started spinning out of me, and it was then I penned the first draft of The Five Warriors. Yes, it was handwritten, and once I typed it up I was hooked! I finished writing the entire Four Worlds Series by the time I was 17 and went off to college where I continued to write. 2 years ago, at the persistence of my sisters, I finally sat down to revise The Five Warriors and bring their tale back to life.

3) Who are your favorite authors and how have they influenced your writing?

I have quite the love affair with books, when I was younger J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S Lewis inspired most of my work, along with George MacDonald. In college I read several books by Patricia A. McKillip and Sarah Addison Allen. They inspired most of my works to date, helping me to take my writing to the next level. My work tends to have a flowery nature to it, I enjoy writing descriptions and bringing visuals to life.

4) What does a typical day in your life look like?  And how does your writing routine fit into your day?

Generally I start each morning with a cup of coffee, my quiet time and reading hour. From there I turn on some inspirational music and get started with marketing initiatives for the small businesses and entrepreneurs I work with. One of the things I love about my work is that it’s completely location independent. If I choose to work from the beach for two weeks, that’s great, or the mountains, or the deserts of Arizona, it’s all about taking action to make things happen, and not about working at least 8-10 hours a day. Generally when I’m done with my deadlines I spend time writing my next novel.

5) How did you come up with the idea for your novel?

I dreamed of the end, worn warriors standing at the edge of a battlefield. I’d been reading “The Lord of the Rings” during that time, and the movies were just starting to come out which inspired much of “The Five Warriors”

6) What do you think sets your novel apart from others current on the shelves?

First off, I wrote it, haha! The Five Warriors is a myth of it’s own, separate world of non-humans. It’s a land where anything is possible, but you won’t find your traditional elves, wizards, dragons, fairies and monsters.

7) Which character in your book is your favorite and how much of yourself is reflected in that character?

Alaireia the Lightfoot is one of my favorite characters, she’s strong, independent, and doesn’t think she needs anyone. In fact, is something has to be done, she’ll do it alone, because she’s better. Along the way, though, she realizes that’s not true and finds herself more attached to the warriors than she’s like. I can see some of myself in her, the strong, independent flair for sure!

8) Which scenes in your book did you have the most fun writing?

It’s funny because I wrote most of my favorite scenes first. The Chapter “Wiltieders” where the five travel to the Afrd Mounts was one of my favorites, I enjoyed detailing the descriptions. Another scene was Spherical Land where the Mermis live in their Cloud Kingdom, it wasn’t quite what “The Five Warriors” were expecting and it exposed their leader’s weakness. But my all time favorite chapter, the one I wrote first is “Where the Wind Blows” and is a fan favorite – the moment when the warriors meet some immortals and aren’t quite sure whether to trust them…

9) What do you hope for your readers to take away after reading your book?

Anything is possible, even magical adventures.

11) What are your hopes for this novel?

One day it will be a major motion picture!

12) What do you have in store next for your readers?

Book 2 of The Four Worlds Series is in progress and takes readers to The Eastern World for “A War, A Search and Two Kingdoms”.


Author Bio

Angela J. Ford is an imaginative and entertaining writer who creates stories of fanciful worlds that enable young adults to confidently believe in possibilities and overcome differences to be stronger together.

Born in Ann Arbor, MI, and raised in Alabaster, AL, she moved to Nashville, TN, where she currently resides, to pursue a degree in Music Business at Belmont University.

Although her career has not been largely focused on creative writing, it has been an integral part of her lifestyle. Brought up as a bookworm and musician, she began writing The Four Worlds, a fantasy action, adventure series at the age of 12. The storyline of those books was largely based off of creative games she played with her sisters.

Originally finished when she was 16, after college, Angela began to re-write the Four Worlds Series, bringing it from a child’s daydream to an adventure young and old alike can enjoy. Inspired by fairy tales, high magic and epic fantasy, you’ll enjoy your adventures within the Four Worlds.

If you happen to be in Nashville, you’ll mostly likely find her at a local coffee shop, enjoying a white chocolate mocha and furiously working on her next book. Make sure you say hello!








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