Book Review Policy

We do review books, but currently they must be in audiobook format.  No, we do not charge for the review.  And once an audiobook has been reviewed, it will be posted on both our blog and also submitted to the Examiner, a dynamic entertainment, news and lifestyle network that serves more than 20 million monthly readers across the U.S. and around the world.  If you are submitting a book that is part of a series, please also submit previous books in the series.

We can not guarentee a positive review of your audiobook.  Your audiobook will be critiqued upon both the content of the book and also the performance of the narrator.  However, since we are a company focused on supporting indie authors, if the review isn’t going to be positive we simply won’t publish it.  In all cases, a draft of the review will be provided to the author prior to posting.

As of this time our reviewers only review the following genre:

Urban Fantasy

Young Adult

Science Fiction/Fantasy




If you would like to query us for a review on your audiobook, please contact us.



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