Why seek out the best self-publishing companies? Self-Publishing is not for authors that shudder at the thought of hatching effective marketing strategies, branding methods and creating a buzz around his or her book. That is what will be necessary for both writing and garnering a successful outcome from self-publishing.
Many authors have written a book and self-published it, but without the effort at marketing, the book will just join many others like it as a fish out in a vast sea of other fishes. While their heartfelt and hard worked book baby is floundering around out there in the world of many other books on the lost shelf of obscurity, other authors that could, have managed to sell many copies of a similar effort and a possibly inferior quality novel or non-fiction reference material. It is important to spend time creating what is necessary for a successful launch of a newly self-published book. Beginning with marketable formats, a new book should be published in hard copy and soft bound. Many self-publishers will welcome all types of genres for authors to publish. The idea in the mind of self-publishing companies is to sell the editing package, cover creation package and the copywriting package.

The main steps in the process of self-publishing are to write the book, have it proof read by a professional copy-editor, then apply for an ISBN number with stock bar code. These steps are simple to do as an author. However, for a first time author buying a package from a self-publishing house is perhaps a good way to learn what is required from anyone who publishes a book. The book publishing package must include, cover design, copy-editing packages, a web page for the book to be advertised or a way to track the books sales and to order more of the books at special bulk rates for authors to distribute themselves at book signings, special author gatherings and other book sales promotional gatherings. Authors are totally responsible for what level of advertising he or she will fund.

There are many self-publishing companies/small presses out there that would offer a multitude of packages that will provide indie authors with some editing, publishing in multiple formats, and limited marketing. Many of these publishers will end up charging an author more than $1000 for such services. What’s worse is that some of these publishers treat the author as if they were traditional publishers by taking a cut of the royalties. Didn’t these publishers just charge a whole lot of money to get the book published? That means that the author has taken on all the risks in the investment, so why should the publisher have any share of the royalties?

When seeking out the best self-publishing company, make sure that you find one that offers services at affordable costs. Companies that charge thousands of dollars are unreasonably expensive. Marketing the book is just as important if not more important than getting the book published. Make sure that you find a company that offers many marketing services within the packages they offer. And most importantly, if an author is already paying to get the book published and promoted, then the self-publishing company should have no share of the royalties. The author has taken on all the risks and deserves to have full control of his/her book.


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