Hi D.K! Thanks so much for joining us here at SolaFide Book Club! Your novel ‘Fifty Percent Vampire’ has just been released. Could you tell us a little about it?

Hi! Thank you so much for having me on SolaFide Book Club! I really appreciate it. So, ‘Fifty Percent Vampire’ is about a 17-year-old girl named Astrid Sonnschein who is determined to escape her half-vampire past and get back to living real life as a human. With totally unexpected complications.


How did you come up with your characters? Do you see yourself in any of them (Astrid in particular)? 

I was enjoying the spectacular scenery from the window of a train in the Swiss Alps between Montreux and Geneva when Astrid popped into my head and said ‘Write me!’ So I did. Quite a challenge for a male author, but I think I’ve pulled it off. My immediate family is mostly female so I drew from the girls a lot, especially from one person who shall remain nameless who is half-Austrian, half-Czech, and had a difficult upbringing to say the least. But I guess I see more of myself in Mike, although I’m not a cop.


What are your writing habits?

I begin the creative process most mornings in the shower. All that hot water pouring down on me is relaxing and it’s that special time when I’m not really awake yet. I write on smartphone, my trusty Kindle Paperwhite, laptop, whatever’s available at the time, and pull it all together at weekends. I always listen to music when I write (except in the shower of course). Here’s a sample of the music I listened to whilst writing ‘Fifty Percent Vampire’.



When did you first realize you wanted to be an author? What/who made you want to become one?

I majored in European literature at university way back when, and tried my hand at creative writing soon after. This was before ebooks had even been thought of, naturally. The internet hadn’t even been born! Many rejection letters later, I gave up. Well, sort of. My father was a poet and my brother writes too, so I was encouraged to continue. Imagine my delight when ebooks turned up and I realized I could self-publish and control my own destiny. No more rejection letters!



About the Author

D.K. Janotta was born and raised in England and Wales but now calls a chalet on a mountainside overlooking beautiful Lake Geneva in Switzerland home. He has worked in Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, France, South Korea, and several states of the USA. He subverts the vampire genre to ask questions about and reflect on the meaning of human life.


About Fifty Percent Vampire

Fifty Percent Vampire
by D.K. Janotta

Publication Date: September 5th 2015
Genre: Paranormal

Living at home is driving seventeen-year-old Astrid Sonnschein nuts. She’s desperate to leave her parents behind, and why not, with stepfather George a foul-tempered old vampire, and Mom — well, the less we say about Mom the better.

Our heroine has another compelling reason for getting out of Dodge. If she stays home any longer she’s in danger of being transformed forever, and the last thing she wants is to become the newest Nosferatu.

She escapes to start a new life with her aunt and uncle, but soon finds out that nothing lasts forever. Living a lie proves to be more than a challenge, and Astrid is soon tracked down by the one person she hoped never to see again.

To make things even more complicated, she falls for Mike, a handsome young cop who has every last girl in town under his spell. Will Astrid be able to keep her guard up, or will her new love be her downfall?

You can read the first chapters of ‘Fifty Percent Vampire’ here:-


FPV_cover_high_res copy

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