The idea for this series first came to me in October 2014. At the time, I was working at a bank and pursuing law enforcement. I was experiencing a shift in spirituality when inspiration struck. I thought to myself, What can I create that I haven’t read before? How can I stand out? Ideas swam around in my head, each one more appealing than the last. I quickly scribbled them down so as not to forget. As time went on, life got in the way and my writing was pushed to the side, but the story stayed close-by, tickling my mind to grab my attention.

It wasn’t until November 2015 that I really focused on the story. Having a conversation with my brother, Rudy, it became clear to me that I was standing in my own way and preventing myself from seeing my dream come true: publishing a book. And so, I created a publishing company, Eula Rae Printing & Publishing, and set to work, writing each day. I plucked the ideas from my head, forming a more solid concept and story until Awakening was born. I set a goal of having the story completed and published by February/March of 2016.

Life had a different plan of course, and in January 2016, I was diagnosed with diffused large b-cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Faced with this new obstacle, my writing, once again, was put on hold. This strain of Lymphoma is extremely aggressive which resulted in an equally aggressive treatment. I had to have emergency surgery, and ports implanted in my chest and head for chemo, as well as chemo inserted directly into my spine. In the middle of it all, I decided to pull out my notebook and keep writing–I was so close to finishing, I had to push through. Should something happen, and I had to go before my time, I wouldn’t be satisfied knowing that I didn’t achieve my goal of publishing my story. I finally completed Awakening in August 2016, only weeks after my last treatment. With the cover completed, and final edits done, Awakening was introduced to the world in October 2016, just in time for the Halloween season.

About Awakening

Awakening: Bloodline Book One
by Tiera Rice
Publication date
: October 12th 2016
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Paranormal


Antanasia knows better than anyone that being royal comes with lots of expectations. Born into war as a Vampyre Witch, she has to battle the ultimate enemy: her own blood. When she has a terrifying Vision, Antanasia fights harder than ever to prevent it from coming to pass. Will she succeed? Or does she die trying?

Nadia is an average teenager celebrating her nineteenth birthday. But her day turns upside down when she starts developing unusual abilities that make her question everything she knew. Searching for answers to her predicament, she finds herself trusting Nicolae, a stranger with a familiar presence. Why does she feel so drawn to him? Will Nadia find answers to the questions about her past and take on her new role willingly? Or will she choose to remain in the dark and deny her destiny?






About the Author

Tiera Rice was raised in Rockland County, New York and is a realtor in Rockland, Westchester, and Orange Counties. She earned her degree in criminal justice from Temple University, is the founder of Laughter and Lemonade: a project that focuses on motivational posters for those experiencing a chronic illness, and co-founder of #26forTiera: a foundation that provides financial resources to single parents battling life-threatening illnesses.

A creator of poems and short-stories for many years, Tiera challenged herself by leaping into the world of novels. Having recently survived a battle with cancer, Tiera decided to use her writing to entertain and motivate her readers. When not writing or selling houses, Tiera can be found spending time with her friends and family, especially her young daughter, fish, and kitty cat. Her other interests include singing, drawing, and dancing.



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