I have loved writing since I was in elementary school. The first piece I had ever written was about a girl who lived in a castle. Very sweet and innocent stuff.

It wasn’t until I was in my early teens when I realized I loved scary, weird, and frightening things. My dad was a movie fanatic, which included all of those 80’s cult classics like Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween. I believe I was only six years old when I saw those films. Surprisingly, they didn’t scare me that much.

When I got into my teens, I found that I actually enjoyed being scared. That’s when I wrote a short story called The Darkness about a killer that ran around murdering people. My writing consisted mostly of short stories about haunted houses and killers. One would probably think there is something wrong with my brain but the horror genre, in my opinion, seems to be more thrilling and exciting than frightening or terrifying. Now granted, there are still things that scare me in this world. In real life I am cautious of my surroundings and am aware that there are real bad people out there. However, when you are watching it on a big screen or curled up on your couch reading a horror novel, there is something almost euphoric and satisfying when the writer is able to make the hair on the back on your neck stand up or make you nearly jump out of your seat.

I’m not all blood and gore. I still love Disney movies and romance novels and funny cartoons. I have a slight young adult fetish when it comes to my choice of reading material, which is a lot of the reason why I chose to write in the young adult genre. Writing Turning Grace allowed me to reach that audience and throw in some scary stuff too.

Horror is fun to write, but I am actually thinking about dipping my pencil into other genres. We shall see!


About Turning Grace

Turning Grace (The Turning Series #1)
by J.Q. Davis
Publication Date
: June 10th 2014
Genre: YA Horror/Sci-fi


**Medal Winner of the 2014 New Apple Book Awards in the E-Book Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Category**

Life or death? 
It all seems to be the same for Grace… 

Some of us have been there before — falling for the hot, popular jock who just so happens to be dating the hot, popular girl in school. 

Your snarky-but-always-right bestie insists you make a move, but you’re not so much into putting yourself out there. 

Then it happens, and suddenly you find yourself eating a cat on your neighbor’s porch. 

No? Never happened to you? 

Well, Grace Watkins can’t say the same. Her hunger is growing with each day that passes and her urges are getting harder to control. 
No one can explain why her body is changing, except one man.

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There is a merchandise shop for the series called, The Turning Shop.

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About the Author

J.Q. Davis is from New Orleans, Louisiana. She and her husband, an active duty Marine, have no children but consider their pooches, Lucy and Bella, their daughters.
When she was little girl, she aspired to become a writer. But then one day, she learned about zombies…and now she wants to be a zombie.

JQ Davis

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