Most writers struggling with marketing and promotion. I’m definitely one of them. But love it or hate it, book promotion is a challenge every author has to undertake, whether you are a newbie or a veteran.

The Ending Element: Calista is actually the first book I’ve written with the intention of going straight-to-e-book. My previous books were out in print first before they were published into e-books. So obviously, my marketing strategy had to be totally different. Also, since I will start out having my book on Amazon only, I was also aware that my main target audience would be people living in the United States, that is, in a country where I’m not based. So the Internet and social media were going to be my main marketing tools.

  • I enrolled my book on Kindle Scout – on hindsight, I didn’t do ample promotion before putting my book up nor did I put in much thought into the marketing side of things. I did use Facebook and Twitter ads to get the word out but it didn’t really help much in terms of publicity. Although my book was in the “hot and trending” list during the last days of the campaign, Kindle Scout didn’t select me but I did earn some promotion for my book through the site. I do recommend this campaign to others, especially if you are a new writer.
  • Used Fiverr to get someone to promote my book during my Amazon free dates. They will help publicise your book on their website and also help promote using Facebook. Remember to do some research first before engaging their services.
  • Joined a book blogging tour. As I’m still in the midst of this, I’m still not too sure how effective it will be.
  • Be active on your social marketing sites. Currently, I use twitter (@rainekohwrites) and Facebook (wewritenow) as my main tools of interaction.

Book promotion is a long and arduous journey. Some advice I would give is to pace yourself and try a variety of marketing tools to see what works for you.

About the Book

The Ending Element: Calista
by Lorraine Koh
Publisher: Horasis
Publication Date: February 8th 2016
Genre: YA Fantasy


Calista Bloom never wanted to fight in the war and it has been five years since war waged over Kosmotopia. All because of a sword. Fair enough, the Astronblade is supposed to hold infinite power, that is, once it finds its one true owner. But every 18-year-old will need to join the military and Calista soon finds herself trying to awaken the Astronblade. Will this batch hold the Blade Bearer? Or will finding the Blade Bearer trigger the chain of events that will bring about the end of the world?


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About the Author

Lorraine Koh, who also goes by the pen name, Raine Koh lives in sunny Singapore. She has written Munchy Isn’t Everything and Pop Rock Love and is currently working on a new novel. Her hobbies include chasing stars, photographing them and travelling to see them.

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