I think it works via miracles. Seriously. I’m a pantser so when an idea hits me, I sit down to write and I wing it. If I start trying to figure out the plot, structure, or the why of things I stress out and confuse myself. Then I revise, rewrite, revise. Take a break and repeat. Then revise and rewrite some more. My writing process also works well with wine and coffee (not together—that’d be gross).

Speaking of wine and coffee, when I write, my mind loves to focus on the most ridiculous things. Like writing rituals for example. I must have things a certain way or I might as well give up on life. Okay well maybe something less dramatic.

My writing process MUST include these:

  • Coffee when I start working, a few hours later I might switch to wine. But it must be white wine. I love red, but to write: white.
  • I must have music or background noise.
  • I write down new ideas with black pens but revise with blue. Don’t judge me!
  • I must have a few notebooks (say 3 or 10?), at least 5 pens, and different colored stickers by my side even if I don’t use them . . . they need to be there so I can concentrate, clearly.
  • I usually work in my kitchen, so when writing I like to face the window, but . . .
  • When revising I have to face the opposite wall. Why? I don’t know.

These are just some of them, I’m sure I have more that I can’t think of right now. And before you think I’m completely alone well let me tell you: I’m in good company. Mark Twain wrote while lying in bed. Shakespeare, Milton, and Chaucer recited Homer’s invocation of the Muse before typing a word. John Cheever wrote mostly in his underwear. And Dear Hemingway wrote standing . . . and naked.

Tell me I’m not the only crazy one, is there something you do that makes a difference with you being productive?


About Static

Static (The Luminaries #2)
by S.K. Anthony
Publication Date
: September 20th 2015
Genre: NA Urban Fantasy


Kevin Pierce is a teleporter, a ladies’ man, and a loyal friend. Or so he thought.

As a genetically altered Luminary, he helps the government bring down some of the most dangerous criminals. Not very challenging if you have his special abilities. But when a group of rebel Luminaries attacks his Organization the fight for survival begins.

One shattering event after another tests the depth of his relationships, his sanity, and his powers. Emotionally torn, Kevin must choose carefully where his loyalty lies. In the middle of all the unexpected chaos he gets the biggest shock of his life when he’s faced by a betrayal he never saw coming. Angry, injured, and ready to even the score, Kevin goes Static . . .


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About the Author

K. Anthony is a writer, a reader and a make-stuff-up-er who lives in New York with her husband and toddler twins. She is a wine connoisseur, which just really means she knows she loves it, and a caffeine addict. When she isn’t busy with her family she finds herself being transported into the world of imagination. Well, either that or running away from spiders…she is convinced they are out to get her!

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