UNFORGIVING was inspired by a real-life incident. After witnessing those massacres, I always wondered what would happen to the little boy if he managed to escape. What kind of life would he be living? Would he seek revenge? All those thoughts played through my head, and one night erupted into this story.

The little boy in real life was murdered, but in my book he managed to escape and survive in that forest for many years. Later, he was found by an American diplomat who adopted him and brought him to the United States. For years he struggled to adopt to a civilized life, and after finally learning to control his rage, he sees a monster who murdered his family. And that’s how UNFORGIVING begins: in the first chapter the boy ruthlessly murders those people.

I started writing it in November of 2012 and it should be published on January 13, 2017. Originally, it was supposed to be one book, but soon I realized it would be impossible to pack the whole plot into one book. So after much thinking, I strategically divided it so they would be 3 stand-alone novels. I’m glad I was able to break it up at the right points, creating suspension and desire to read the next book.

Even now, the first book is too long… I had a few agents tell me to trim it down from 190,000 words to 120,000. The only way to do it would be to cut a subplot, but without it the story would make no sense. I did trim it down to about 175,000 without cutting anything of importance.

Second book, MEHO, is very unique because it’s written from a perspective of a 5-year-old boy. After barely escaping from the clutches of Serb soldiers, Meho struggles to survive in the forest among wolves, bears, and other wild animals.

And the last book — I’m still working on the title — is the continuation of Meho’s and Bucky’s journey and their part in preventing the sophisticated assassination on the President of the United States.

About Unforgiving

by Alisic Adnan

Publication date: January 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult


12 years after surviving horrific massacre, 15-year- old Meho commits ruthless murders and sets in motion the event which could change the world order.

The murders are followed by the trial of the century, where media vilifies Meho as a psychopath, mass murderer, and a monster — all under the influence of FBI, who are trying to conceal the identity of the victims and protect the National Security.

The only person who believes that Meho is innocent is his 10-year-old brother Bucky, who will turn heavens and earth to free Meho. After learning the truth, Bucky is devastated, but not all things are as they seem, and the truth will be revealed at the very end.


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31132574-unforgiving?ac=1&from_search=true


(No purchase links as this is a pre-release tour- book is releasing in Jan, 2017)

About the Author

After witnessing terrible war atrocities, Adnan Alisić escaped from Bosnia and came to Phoenix, Arizona where he became a successful businessman. Entangled in a gambling addiction, he was forced to execute this sensational casino heist. He can be reached at Alisic.adnan6@gmail.com or www.AlisicAdnan.com


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