The plot line had no inspiration based on dreams, life experiences, or anything really. However, a lot of the elements I used were inspired by movies. The biggest sources of inspiration came from the films, Paranorman, and Frozen.

Earlier drafts had no plot or main conflict. They started out as different scene experiments. The idea of my main character doing involuntary magic just slipped naturally as I progressed my story. Unlike what it is now, though, my MC was originally going to breath colored air and something insane was going to happen. But after seeing the movie, Frozen, I decided to have her involuntary powers come out of her hands (no ice powers, though). That raised a lot of tension.

The villain, who is a depressed skeleton longing to be human, was originally going to be pretty evil with no innocence at all. However, when I found out how your antagonist shouldn’t be all bad and should have as much development as your protagonist, I softened up his personality and gave him a backstory on why people should feel bad for him.

So there it is. Those are just some of the processes of how I got my idea for Wizardry Goes Wild.

About the Book

Alyssa McCarthy’s Magical Missions Book 2: Wizardry Goes Wild
by Sunayna Prasad

Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication Date: February 24, 2016
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy


After months of living a normal life, thirteen-year-old Alyssa McCarthy faces magic again. Only this time, though, she is cursed with it, thanks to an old depressed skeleton named Errol. Alyssa’s time with her godfather, Alex, will never be the same again, as she can perform sorcery, but never control it.

From letting out enchantments at school to creating outdoor disasters, Alyssa is bound to face consequences. She can only get rid of her powers if she can boost her confidence levels and improve her bravery. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. She must measure those abilities with a special device called a skillometer. Will she be able to get rid of her unwanted wizardry?


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About the Author

Sunayna Prasad is a college student studying art. In her free time, she likes to write fiction. She is also the author of From Frights to Flaws, which is the first installment of the series, Alyssa McCarthy’s Magical Missions. Sunayna lives in New York with her family.


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