Many different things inspire me. The flash of red in a passing car, two people kissing in the park, something that I see on my hikes. The idea for The Chubby Chasers, Inc. Series came to me from a patient. She had attributed her recent weight gain to just getting out of a bad relationship. I nodded silently and encouraged her to talk. “I just got out of a relationship with a Feeder.” She whispered. The doctor, always classy, blurted out. “What, do you mean a vampire?” Which earned him a smile from her. “Even worse, someone that feeds off of feeding me.”

We let it go, I didn’t know what she was talking about, I knew I’d need to research it, but it stayed with me. I’d be starting an IV or moving a patient and that one word, Feeder, kept circling around in my head. I made a mental note to look it up later. But later didn’t come for quite some time. I continued on, working, taking care of family, until one day, I came in, and someone had brought a box of gourmet jelly donuts for the nurses. I opened the box, and saw they weren’t just any old jelly donuts, either. They were pillowy, glistening and oozing raspberry filling from a hole in the side. They looked like food porn to a starving nurse. As I ate, one thought slipped through my mind. I wonder what a feeder would do with these. 

My thoughts went everywhere. I even googled feeder while on my next break. I got home, and had to read everything I could find about this feeder fetish. Some of the information shocked me, a few scenarios made me laugh, but overall, it was too good of an idea to let go. I started thinking about love in a feeder relationship. What would it look like?

I started private messaging my friend, TA Roth, bits and pieces of a story that was developing. She’s a published author, and more importantly a close friend. Her laughed out loud at some points, loved certain things, didn’t like others, but I loved her reactions, either way. These salacious tidbits were the birth of Becoming Blue.


About the Book
Becoming Blue
by Angie M. Brashears

Publication Date: January 15th 2016
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance



Every single thing I’ve been taught not to do…I just did.

Talk to a stranger? Check

Get in a car with a stranger? Check

Go to a second location? Check

Go into a stranger’s house? Check

Take candy from a stranger? Check

If this is a kidnapping, it’s the kindest one I’ve ever heard of.

I’m living a fat girl fantasy. Snatched from a Weight Watcher meeting by a powdered-donut eating stranger, was by far the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. Who knew I didn’t need to make appointments or attend meetings to have someone to talk to. A Friend. Two Friends. A dark, intense stranger. Secrets.

Everything I ever wanted, and something’s I didn’t. Not every tasty treat is for eating.

To each his own….right?




About the Author

Angie M Brashears is a lover of everything books.  When not writing, she’s reading anything she can get her hands on. She grew up in Southern California, and loves the mountains, hiking with her dogs, the beach, and of course, Disneyland! She loves music, and loves singing along to the radio, loud and off-key, performing for anyone unlucky enough to be in the passenger seat.

 Angie loves dark and twisted, which she refers to as Dark Ever After books, but is known to read an occasional HEA story as well. When she’s not writing, she working, saving lives.  A busy Trauma ER nurse for over twenty years, she gets enough reality in her life, and is always looking for a story to take her away from the harsh reality of Emergency Nursing.

If there’s football on, she sure to have a huge party going on to cheer her team on…Go Patriots!

As a new author, she’d love to hear from you!


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