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Everything I write is in service to the overarching story of the Saga of the Magicus Eye, and Daughter of Etheron needed to fulfil a number of functions. It had to:

  • Introduce readers to a brand new galaxy
  • Establish the state of the galaxy
  • Have a satisfying ending
  • Set the stage for something exciting to come

So I came up with the simple story thread of a girl who leaves her homeworld for the first time, so as to put her in the reader’s shoes, with the simple quest of finding her brother—which can be easily accomplished in a 100,000-word novel. Meanwhile, a secondary thread follows her brother as he learns about the more mystical aspects of the galaxy under the tutelage of a powerful magician—which in turn introduces us to another important element of the saga: magic.

The use of multiple viewpoints was a conscious choice made in the early stages of idea development. I specifically chose to include a diverse set of characters (human, non-human, old and young) in order to reveal many different aspects of the galaxy and ensure this novel worked as a strong launching point for the rest of the saga. I also made the decision quite late in the revision process to include short epigraphs at the beginning of each chapter, which is a device that enables me to delve deeper into the workings of the galaxy without hitting readers over the head with exposition—a tool I actually adopted from Brandon Sanderson’s epic fantasies.

However, would I recommend other emerging writers debut with something of such epic scope? Probably not. It’s a lot of stuff to juggle, and it’s definitely going to be a test of faith whether or not readers are willing to stick around for the journey—especially with the expanded universe launching simultaneously, and a long road ahead. Luckily, however, the first story arc that begins with Daughter of Etheron is only three books long and will have a satisfying conclusion. And with a lot more planned, I won’t be running out of ideas any time soon.


About Daughter of Etheron

Daughter of Etheron
by Brandon Young
: Starforged Entertainment
Publication Date: April 18th 2017
Genre: YA Space Fantasy


Born the children of the ruling family.

Betrayed by the ones that swore to protect them.


Siblings, Elenah and Teveran are thrust into a secret war of space magicians that will decide the fate of the galaxy.

But a darkness swells in the galactic depths, magicians wielding magic not seen for millennia, and as the struggle for power grows more desperate, the children might find themselves fighting on opposite sides of the conflict.

The first book in the Saga of the Magicus Eye.

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About the Author

Brandon Young is the debut author of the Saga of the Magicus Eye. He’s also a musician, gamer, and avid Star Wars fan living in Melbourne, Australia.

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