The Reacher world is set in the near future. Britain has become desolate and impoverished, civil war and disease have claimed the north and west of the country, but the rich city of London has remained. Why did I pick such a picturesque setting for my series?

There’s a strong theme running through the book; survival. Not just what the characters would do to survive, but what they would do to allow their current way of life to survive. As a first world society there are so many things that we take for granted which, if removed would be catastrophic. And yet we are only a few bad situations away from compromising our comfortable lives. I wanted to use the setting of THE RUNNING GAME and the series as a whole, to explore how my own country could succumb to scenes we’re seeing in the third world and how our populous would continue through it.

In order for this to work for me and my characters, the circumstances had to be credible. It also couldn’t fall apart from one action – like say a nuclear war. The implications of a single strike against our country could be catastrophic and I didn’t want that. We had to break apart – not be wiped out. So I started with the one thing that drives our country; money.

The economic crisis over the past few years showed us how susceptible we are to our world economy, not just our own countries’ and how a chain reaction of economic instability could have massive implications across the first world. Perhaps I’m a pessimist, but if the rich poor divide really did widen (and it’s already pretty big) I imagine the rich elite would protect themselves and screw the rest of us.

So that’s what started to happen in my world. They money moved to the wrong pockets. Jobs were lost. Poverty became widespread. People started to starve. In desperation people began to move south towards London, where there was still some wealth.

This wasn’t enough to cripple the country, just weaken it. So next came the diseases. Wherever there is poverty there is going to be disease, but we’re also doing a lot as a society to leave us open to potential plagues and harm. One of my big worries is about genetic pesticides and climate change and how that would change things for us. Once again widespread illness would affect the poor whilst the rich, who still retain our technology and continue to advance, remain unaffected.

Then comes the injustice. Would you sit back and watch your family suffer through these conditions? Of course not. So Britain falls into civil war. Corruption between the warring factions means very little is ever resolved and as our government in present day is detached from rural and especially northern counties, the north falls to the rebellion.

Those that can continue to flock south towards the sanctuary of London, but the rich elite don’t want to compromise their luxurious lifestyle by admitting refugees so a wall is erected around the city, keeping the poor at bay on the other side. The discontentment grows and Britain has suddenly become one of the most dangerous places to live.


About The Running Game

The Running Game
by L.E. Fitzpatrick

Publisher: Booktrope Editions
Publication Date:January 20, 2016
Genre: Dystopian


Rachel’s father called it the running game. Count the exits, calculate the routes. Always be ready to run because they’ll always be coming for you. Whatever happens, they’ll always be coming for you.

On the surface, Rachel is just an ordinary doctor, trying to stay alive in war-torn London, but she has a secret. Rachel is a Reacher – wanted by the government and by the criminal underworld – for her telekinetic powers.

Charlie and his brother John had a reputation for doing the impossible. But after losing his family, Charlie is a broken mess and John is barely keeping him afloat. In desperation, they take a job from a ruthless ganglord only to discover the girl they are hunting is a Reacher – one of their own kind.

James Roxton, a conman and thief, is searching for the man who tried to kill his mother. Suddenly embroiled into the plan to kidnap Rachel, he decides he can turn things to his own advantage.

Even with the help of dangerous and dubious allies, can Rachel turn the game around and save herself?


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About the Author

L E Fitzpatrick is a writer of dark adventure stories and thrillers. Under the watchful eye of her beloved rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier, she leaps from trains and climbs down buildings, all from the front room of a tiny cottage in the middle of the Welsh countryside.

Inspired by cult film and TV, L E Fitzpatrick’s fiction is a collection of twisted worlds and realities, broken characters, and high action. She enjoys pushing the boundaries of her imagination and creating hugely entertaining stories.

The Running Game, her latest book and the first instalment of her dystopian Reacher series, is due for re-release in October 2015 under the Booktrope label.




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