The Spell
Date: September 2015
Seas Publishing, LLC
from Goodreads:

Alone. On the run. Until she came along.

When Allison Evans walks out of high school the last day of her senior year,
she has no idea that her carefully guarded life is about to unravel.
Ethan Knight is on the run. Accused of dealing drugs and armed with nothing but
a bad reputation and his motorcycle, he takes refuge for the weekend inside the
old high school. Thinking no one will find him and no one does.
Until Allison. Panicked and left with no other choice, Ethan takes her captive.
It should be a nightmare, but together, both of their lives take an unexpected
turn. It’s time for them both to stop running from their problems. 

About the Author
Bostwick writes Middle Grade and Young Adult novels. Her debut middle grade
novel, The Great Cat Nap, earned the 2014 Tofte/Wright Children’s Literature
Award from the Council for Wisconsin Writers. An early draft of her young adult
novel, “Break the Spell,” was a finalist in the 2013 Wisconsin
Romance Writers of America Fab 5 Contest. She took third place in the 2014
Rochester Writers’ Summer Writing Contest for her flash fiction piece, “Paint
the Stars.” She holds degrees in both art and earth science. Her young
adult novel, “Break the Spell,” is forthcoming in September 2015 from
Fiery Seas Publishing. A.M. Bostwick lives in northern Wisconsin with her
husband, dog and thrill-seeking cat.

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