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slave girl Faru’s life has been turned upside down when she discovers she’s
been traded to a new master, forcing her to leave all she‘s ever known. Upon
her arrival, Faru meets a friend, Cailean, who helps her adjust to life in the
strange location. Life settles into a new pattern, and romance blossoms between
the young friends. But as soon as they plan to get married, another proposal
comes about – one that cannot be ignored. Being a slave means not always
marrying who you love.
On a
daring journey to heal her heart, Faru encounters the Existing One. Will she
trust Him and do His bidding even if what He requests is so hard?
Faru’s tale in author Kandi J Wyatt’s retelling of a Biblical story found in
the Old Testament book of Genesis, showing that when things don’t make sense,
God will guide the way.


Bio & Social Media Links for The One Who Sees Me
Kandi J Wyatt is a wife, mother of five, teacher,
artist, and author. In her free time, she enjoys writing fantasy stories and
Christmas programs, and drawing with graphite and colored pencils. Portraits
are her specialty. Kandi also enjoys photography, thanks to her photographer
husband who has let her join his journey as both his model and apprentice, and
she occasionally serves as his assistant when he needs a “light stand with
feet.” To learn more, visit kandijwyatt.wordpress.com.

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