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So… I think the house I’m cat-sitting in is haunted. I knew it was creepy from the start. It’s an old (falling apart) victorian on the east side of LA. There are two cats here. They spend most of their time staring at blank walls (at ghosts, no doubt). Unless I’m sleeping – then I wake up to both of them just staring at me. Their eyes glowing in the pitch-black night. It’s been fun!

Oddly enough, I feel safer in here than I do out in the real world right now. My dad texted to tell me to call his friend who might have a job for me. When I called, it was a dentist office in The Valley. When I asked if he needed art for this office walls, he said he actually needed a receptionist… Thanks, dad.

Sarahh invited me to go out. They’re checking out some new restaurant that’s hidden behind a different restaurant and you have to basically be related to the owner to get in. I’m sure they’ll have fun, but sometimes those places make me feel bad about myself. All those successful people – or at least those who know how to present themselves as successful. And there I am, in my one “going out” outfit, anxious my debit card won’t go through when the run it for my bill. I’ll pass.

I’m so sick of that feeling. Something’s gotta pop for me soon, right? I’ll take anything. A small exhibition of my work… even just one piece! They tell you how hard it is to become an artist. I always figured they were just trying to scare you. Turns out, it’s scary.

Uh-oh. The cats are now meowing loudly at the basement door. That can’t be good. There is literally nothing that can be good about that. I think I’ll text Sarahh and tell them I will join. A fifteen dollar cocktail is exactly what I need to get through another haunted night. Maybe two drinks. One per cat.


About Finding Molly

Finding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting
by Justine Prado
Illustrated by Jenn St-Onge
Publisher: Emet Comics
Release Date: January 2017
Genre: YA Graphic Novel


Finding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting is a graphic novel about Molly Sanchez-Talebi, an unemployed art school grad who hesitantly starts catsitting to pay the bills. She dreams of breaking out of suburbia and her artistic rut, but she has a lot of self-discovery to do before that happens. The comic follows her funny misadventures as she learns that maybe these (sometimes) friendly felines are just what she needs to get her life on track.


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