Journey to Blue Stone Lake – Day One

I can’t believe him! The nerve of that man to spy on Gabby and me and then to follow us! If I was a fairy, I would curse that king and his dumb handsome face!

Alright. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning.

Everything was going according to the plan. I had our horses ready in the stables and our bags packed. I had been planning this trip for months, remember? I was able to convince Gabrielle to leave Junacave and come with me to find the Ice Crystal. We left under the cover of darkness and I was sure we weren’t followed.

Apparently, I was wrong. Because when I opened the portal this morning, who did I see? Cassidy, that’s who! Lying right there on the ground. I tripped and landed on top of the arrogant jerk and his smug self! I just wish I had known he would be there. I would have aimed my knee higher. Ha!

Only… Now, Cassidy refuses to go back home. He is determined to stay with us. Says he’s protecting me. Like I need his protection… That’s laughable. Gabby doesn’t seem to mind but I absolutely do not want him to accompany us. I hoped that forcing him to sleep on the ground and refusing to share food with him would be enough to deter him. But then I caught Gabby sneaking food to him behind my back! Ugh!

But when we get to Vale, I will find a way to sneak away from him. The last thing I need is to have King Cassidy ruining my plans. I’ve waited too long and worked too hard for this to happen. He has to go.


About Songs of Everealm
Song of Sovereign (Songs of Everealm #1)
by J.D. Wright

Publication Date: July 2016
Genre: Adult Fantasy


Princess Sarita has everything. Loving parents, a castle fit for royalty, fine clothes, loyal friends, and an exciting job as a scholar of magic. At eighteen years of age, one might think that she would be content with her position. But one thing has always been missing from her life… full magic, itself.

When a strange old woman gave Sarita a secret spellbook as a child, her entire life was changed. The book contains spells, songs, and stories. But most of all, it provides a path to gaining full magic, the only thing that Sarita still needs to feel complete. And now, she has finally prepared to leave her home in search of the Stones of the Divine, the final ingredient she needs to gain magic.

Gabrielle has been known as the sister of a knight and best friend of the princess for as long as she can remember. Now an experienced healer’s assistant, she is desperate to find her place and purpose in Junacave. An adventurous mission to help Sarita locate a mystical stone may be just the change in her life that she is looking for.

King Cassidy is still alone, but not for a lack of trying. His attempts to convince the Princess of Junacave to marry him over the past ten years have been for naught. And being twenty years old, with no heir, he is running out of time. If he can’t win the heart of the princess, he may have to face a future without the love of his life.

Adventure, romance, and magic await as we travel through Everealm with royalty, wizards, fairies, and more, in the fantasy-romance Songs of Everealm, a five book series by J.D. Wright, author of the Everealm Series.

Note: Adult Content

Songs of Everealm Series is the second series set in the fantasy-filled Everealm. It begins 8 years after the conclusion of the first series, the Everealm Series. 

Song of Sovereign cover

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Song of Sparrows (Songs of Everealm #2)
by J.D. Wright
Publication Date
: July 2016
Genre: Adult Fantasy


The journey across Everealm to find the magical stones has not come without its challenges. After being plagued by unwanted guests, disagreements, and accidents, Princess Sarita is beginning to wonder if her dream of gaining magic is a fantasy that can’t come true.

Along the way, new friends and rekindled sparks between old flames have caused quite a stir within the group. As a new wizard joins the effort and gives the princess a reason to continue, the quest for the next stone ensues…

As the sun rises over the ridge, our story continues into the Song of Sparrows!

Adult content. Intended for mature audiences. 

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About the Author
Writing has always been a hobby of mine, beginning as a young child. It was a way to cope with losing my father at seven years of age. I started with poetry and was featured several times on the amazing poetry blog, Autumn Leaves, by Sondra Ball. My love for poetry soon led to writing songs in middle school and beyond, which I still do occasionally. Music has always been an important part of my existence, so writing songs came naturally to me. In high school, I started my own novel, however, life got in the way and I never finished it.

Fast forward many years later and I find myself married with three children, absorbed in my busy life with commitments to my family, work, school, church, and charities, among other things. One day I came across my old binder, with notes from my first novel, and it was with those notes that I conjured up the elusive Everealm.

I write to please readers such as myself, who have a love for fantasy and romance, but like a little danger and sex in their reading. I wrote the book with a mature audience in mind, who can appreciate a hearty imaginary world with magic and the unknown, but want more than fluffy love stories with wizards in them. They want the romance, magic, and danger, all wrapped into one.


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